Lucie Bax

Lucie studied comics and illustration for children. She is a Czech illustrator, painter and copywriter. What others find strange, she finds reassuring. What scares others fills her. She draws and paints mostly people. Strange people she meets in her dreams. She loves skulls. She doesn't like perfection, precision or ordinariness. And that's what her work looks like. She enjoys changing styles and believes that every occasion deserves a different solution.
Lucie prefers to draw on a tablet or a paper sketchbook, but sometimes she will disgrace a canvas with acrylic. Although she would prefer to sit around cafes and draw all day, greed and the desire not to live financially from day to day forced her to work in advertising. Which broadens her horizons, but whenever she can take her artistic outlet, she's glad that her "art" doesn't have to have insight at any cost. Or a jury.
She's always lived in Prague. Currently on the periphery. She has a dog - Řízek. A friend - a musician. Two brothers. She's interested in criminology and esotericism. She worships books, food and nature.


The sailor
The farmer
Shut up
Orange man
Night passion
Native indian
The painter
Earthworm hunter
The butcher


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