Nina Sibinská

Illustrator & Graphic designer
Nina is a Czech illustrator and graphic designer, who currently studies graphic arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. In her work she combines mainly elements of animation and flat images, which she provides with 3D space through AR applications. Her aim is to create chaotic action in the image. Chaos as uncontrollable perception and confusion. But at the same time, chaos also has its own order and system. Chaotic systems highlight the essence of chaos in life. Here chaos controls the system, provokes, falls into randomness and creates its own construction. Furthermore, Nina uses mixed media and creates a series of screen prints combined with digital animated loops. This brought together two mediums, flat image and video through a virtual reality (AR) platform. Nina often refers to animation work from the 1920s, when the silent era was dominated by the avantgarde and experimentation. Her work also focuses on motifs from the urban periphery, geometric rhythmic formations from industrial architecture.


Yellow Stone (In motion)
Yellow Stone
Vertical Stone (In-motion)
Vertical Stone
Paper Wall
Luquid Street
Graphit Stone
Chlorine Ocean
Blue Stone (In motion)
Blue Stone


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