For artists

NFTs have the potential to transform how the world values digital art. We want to live in a world where creators have fair options for monetizing their inspiring digital artwork. We embrace a new era in which it’s possible to sell digital art to a collector, while still remaining accessible to everyone else.

NFTense Art Collective represents and guides visual artists on their journey to global NFT marketplaces. NFTs triggered a digital revolution and provided a vehicle for creating, sharing and collecting a whole range of digital assets from visual arts and gaming to music. 

NFTense is focused exclusively on visual art. We want to live in a world where creators have fair options for selling their inspiring artwork to collectors, while still remaining accessible to everyone else. We provide creators with complex digital services for their successful participation in the NFT markets.


NFTs, or “Non-Fungible Tokens” are unique cryptocurrency tokens that are managed on the blockchain. NFT artworks are called “crypto collectibles” because they can be bought and sold by collectors. NFTs have the potential to bring about a new era where creators can monetize their inspiring work, while it remains accessible to everyone else on the blockchain network.

Main principles
of co-operation

  • We are present at several biggest NFT marketplaces and will sell and promote the work of an artist where we see the best match in terms of style and the likelihood of NFTs being sold;
  • One of big advantages of NFTs is additional income from so-called royalty fee that is received every time the artwork is resold. These proceeds are distributed according to the contract conditions as soon as we receive it;
  • We are selective in terms of members of NFTense Art Collective we represent and also the submitted artworks;
  • We cover all expenses related to the process of creating and selling NFT from minting costs to conversion fees into preferred fiat currency by the artist;
  • We split the proceeds from the sale of NFT with the artist based on the price for which NFT was sold;
  • We do not require exclusive cooperation, the artist can still cooperate with third parties;
  • The creation of NFT does not affect the rights of the artist to the physical or digital artwork from which the NFT was minted (e.g. license for commercial use etc.), unless agreed otherwise.

Technical requirements
for submitted artwork

  • We accept standard media formats such as jpg, png or mp4;
  • For static artwork the NFT marketplaces require high resolution (ideally 3000px for the longer side of the artwork). We can however also process lower quality artworks;
  • In case of a video the preferred resolution is 1080p or 4K.

The future

We plan to organize exhibitions, engage in the global crypto art network and co-operate on various projects with overlap to digital worlds (i.e. Metaverse) or co-operate with AR/VR developers and initiatives on the new emerging forms of art presentation. NFTense Art Collective members have many things to look forward to!

Join the Art

Digital service

Creators are provided with a complex service from processing artwork to NFTs, implementation of the artist's portfolio on global NFT marketplaces, pricing and auction strategy or transfer of proceeds and royalties from crypto into fiat money.

Art Community

NFTense is forming a community-driven path. We want to raise the creative ambitions of digital artists, empower local art movements and international networking. Together, we will establish an eminent territory of invention, quality and inspiration.

Global audience

Within the NFTense art collective we influence, engage and build public relations with media, social networks to build eternal prestige and awareness. Collectors and art fans will be addressed directly with a curated selection of artworks.

Simplified finance

We will cover all the necessary processes and costs associated with creating and selling your NFT. By this we will relieve you from financial and administrative complexities so that you can fully concentrate on your creativity.