Marek Ehrenberger

Visual artist, illustrator and graphic designer. He graduated from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague and worked in studios in Zurich, Barcelona and New York. His distinctive style combines unbridled lines and shapes, textures and vibrant colors, often portraying prominent members of today's ever-changing individualistic society. NFT collection of divergent personalities is based on this concept, but with a different narrative aspect and a distinctly original conclusion. The Divergents are a new generation: although individualistic, they utilize their unique skills for the Greater Good.
The Divergents
"They are blooming, they are mindful, their point of view is distinctive and rather disruptive. Some of them are mesmerizing mystics and Gaia worshippers, others are digital mages lost in the metaverse. Sometimes they swallow magic mushrooms to break through the limits of their minds; at other times they just go with the flow - until they don't. The Divergents are here to reconfigure the new world paradigm. 
Recognising the overwhelming impact of humanity on the planet, we are responding to the challenges of universal responsibility and sustainability - each in a very individualistic way. We are The Divergents, 2022 unique characters divided into 10 tribes of different human mindsets. We welcome 2022 as a year of positive change. Let's meet in the DAO to fund benefactory projects and govern the community treasury."
The Divergents are ready to transform the NFT space, but also our precious planet. Be part of this fascinating social experiment, choose one of the 10 human mindsets closest to your heart and together, let's divert!


The Divergents #966
The Divergents #1717
The Divergents #1213
The Divergents #1667


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